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Our Instructors are certified by the National Safety Council, NSC. DDC-4 Certified, and CPR certified by the American Heart Association. We strive to maintain current with our continuous certifications by, attending safety seminars to ensure we are up-to-date on all of the latest information, laws, regulations, and techniques in our field.

FMCSA requires that the transport companies become a member of an entity to get a backup of their records on the driving process for the annual audits.


DOT consortium:

No matter where we collect the specimen, whether at our site or at your place of business,  the same standardized processes will be used: From the collection to results reporting. Strict chain of custody procedures will also be implemented every step of the way to help preserve the purity of your specimens and the integrity of the test results. USDOT Guidance.

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Benefits for AZIDA.ORG members


 By being an AZIDA member, you can count on us to be your Consortium/third-party administrators (C/TPA.) This means that we will manage all your truck’s annual inspections and drivers credentials drug and alcohol testing in accordance with DOT and FMCSA regulations. Members also receive updates on Drug and Alcohol Testing changes; Updates on local and national legislation; News related to the transportation industry in both Mexico and the United States, and updates on projects, efforts, and events.  


Is transportation safe?


Absolutely! Mexican carriers have the same high level of security as US carriers. In fact, DOT and FMCSA approve safety regulations for Mexican operators and trucks many times much stricter than national companies. Some Mexican transportation companies also have contracts with US-based companies allowing the US to request that C/TPA safety procedures be complied with, before crossing the border to prevent delays in shipments and protect road safety in the USA.

  Alongside Centro De Capacitacion Internacional,,  



What are safety inspections?


Safety inspections are required by  DOT and FMCSA  laws and regulations! 

Due to the various normative safety standards in the USA and in Mexico, a great variety of inspections are in play. Mainly mechanical and physical inspections to commercial trucks and to drivers.  Alcohol and drug testing that has full mandatory regulations throughout the year

now with the new Clearinghouse program. 

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